About our company

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Who are We?

We at Apkings are driven by the passion for technology. Our mission is to help businesses & start-ups take full advantage of mobile & web technologies while assisting businesses and individuals achieve the maximum productivity  through cutting-edge technology.

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What we Do

With the current gap between mobile and web development companies in the market, you need one solution provider that can cater to both platforms simultaneously, and that’s where we come in. We have a creative and an efficient web & mobile development team to deliver incredible websites & mobile apps that performs equally across all platforms.


Why Us?

From web to mobile, we strive to design attractive and modern interfaces that appeal to the end users. So whether you are a large corporation needing help with an enterprise app development, an inventive start-up with a creative app idea,  a demanding brand wanting to update your consumer application, re-brand your company or market your brand on social media, we’re ready to help.

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Social Media & Advertising Solutions

Not only we design and develop great mobile applications, we follow it up with online marketing strategies to give you a complete range of services.  In a world dominated by Social media you need to be able to get your great application or website onto the hands of your end users swiftly.  We can help businesses penetrate the target audiences with engaging social media and online advertising campaigns to broaden your reach in the market, becoming your one stop solution for all mobile, web development and social media marketing needs.

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Mobile App Solutions

The World of Mobile is not the future anymore it’s here now and it is the PRESENT. We design, develop, and launch mobile apps, from scratch on iOS and Android devices to bring your brand to the palm of your target audiences and  increase your outreach in the local and international markets.


Web Business Systems

Our Web team is made up of passionate inventive creative’s who can craft great things. We strive to design unique and appealing websites using the latest design aesthetics in the industry that would boost your businesses. We create Extensive Web Business Systems that would help your company tap into new markets and increase your revenues ten-fold.

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